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          • Resume

          • William E. Barlow, M.S., P.E.

          • EXPERIENCE:	The career path I started began in 1979 as an 
            			architectural drafter in an architectural firm 
            			in Hillsboro, Oregon. After learning some 
            			techniques about how drawings are created,
            			I worked for a strucutrual engineering firm 
            			and then a survey/civil engineering firm. Over
            			the years I have gleaned the best drafting and 
            			design skills from the best architects and 
            			engineers for whom I have worked and I use 
            			those skills to create the best	construction 
            			documents possible.
            			My AutoCAD knowledge and skills have been transferred
            			to students where I have held the academic rank of
            			Instructor at Oregon State Unversity, Linn
            			Benton Community College, Lane Community, and
            			ITT Technical Institue.
            EDUCATION:	Oregon State University
            			Corvallis, Oregon 97331
            				Design and Human Environment [Housing] 
            									    	   Incomplete Ph.D.
            			Western Oregon University
            			Monmouth, Oregon 97361
            				Education: Information Technology			M.S.
            			Portland State University
            			Portland, Oregon 97201
            				General Studies						B.S.
            				Science								B.S.
            				Psychology							B.S.
            				Social Science							B.S.
            				Civil Engineering					        B.S.
            			Portland Community College
            			Portland, Oregon 97280
            				General Studies/Liberal Arts				A.S.
            				Computer Science						A.S.
            				Architectural Drafting					Certificate (One-Year)
            				Real Estate				         		Major
            			Linn Benton Community College
            			Albany, Oregon 97321
            				Web and Database Technology		         A.A.S.
            				Web Design				                	 Certificate
            LICENSES:		State of Oregon, Professional Engineer (Civil)
            				State of Washington, Professional Engineer (Civil)
            				State of California, Professional Engineer (Civil)
            				State of Idaho, Professional Engineer (Civil)
            				State of Montana, Professional Engineer (Civi)
            				State of Oregon, Residential Plans Examiner
            				State of Oregon, Commercial Plans Examiner
            				Private Pilot (Single Engine Land)(FAA)
            				Advanced Ground Instructor (FAA)
            				Instrument Ground Instructor (FAA)
            				Remote Pilot (Small Unmanned Aircraft System (FAA)
            CERTIFICATION:	Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) expired
            				CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Technician expired
            COMPUTER		Programming languages: LISP, HTML/JavaScript,
            SKILLS:			C#.NET, & C++.
            				Structural Analysis: SAP-2000, RISA-2D & RISA-3D, & StruCalc
            				User of: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Matlab, and
            				Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
            				Computer Aided Drafting: AutoCAD Architecture,
            				Civil 3D, & CogoSoftware
            MILITARY			U.S. Air Force (Veteran)
            SERVICE:			State of Oregon Army National Guard (Completed)
            				State of Washington Army National Guard (Completed)








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